Meet Monty

Monty and Paul having no fun

Sprung from his cage on Highway 9, Monty Vega just couldn’t stay- he had to break away. 25 years later and 3,000 miles west from where he was born, Monty Vega finally comes out from the shadows. No one really knows why he left but he must have had his reasons. Through his songs and others, Monty is eternally sittin’ shiva for the times, things and people gone by – most especially, forever paying his musical respect to the spirit of his idol, Joey Ramone.

While the Sittin’ Shivas currently, functionally consists of Monty Vega and Paul Damone, the rest of the group; Frankie Sparks, Mack Hagen, and Sean Gorrow will again join the ranks post Covid-19, hopefully sooner than later.